​​​​Vertical Kicker

Vertical KICKER

The world’s 2nd land device that works both sides of the flutter and dolphin Kick.

Fix the form drag of the kick recovery and build power from core to foot quickly at the pool and at home

Vertical kicker in bare foot

Isolates both sides of the kick, helping the swimmer to feel and habituate a hip and core driven motion. This reduces form drag and increases power and endurance.

standing vertical kicker

Leaning forward too much. You’ll feel more hamstrings firing until you stand tall as when swimming with the correct line and balance.

boy vertical kicker

Maintaining great posture works the core lower back and glutes. Using the Vertical Kicker correctly you’ll quickly feel the postural, power, and endurance value in your kicking and swimming.

vertical kicker with arrow tip

Easily adjust your range of motion. We also recommend viewing video of your kicks from the side underwater regularly and testing your 100 flutter and dolphin kicks to find strengths and weaknesses you can improve with your Kickers. Yes we sell cool video systems.

just a vertical kicker

Work Both sides of the kick. Balances knees, hips, ankles and build core power and endurance specific to swimming.

vertical kicker

Front power development reinforces hip-initiated kick with toes pulled into propulsive angles. The other (contralateral) hip improves too as you habituate kicking balance and mastery.

Clamps snap open and snap closed securely. Adjustment for Range of motion, direction, and strength of resistance is simple even within a fast circuit. Different bands available.

The Vertical Kicker includes two lengths of flat tubing for progressive resistance.

Get both Kickers and the Fankle or One Leg Fankle to ensure full development of your kick and ensure proper alignment and balance. For help in the pool get the CoreKick along with your Rangs Smart Pull Buoys.

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