Hankle Hip and Ankle Stretcher and Strengthener

The Hankle can be purchased with the Fankle for a $30 discount


Great breastrokers Catch water with their feet early and press backward. Whip kick speed comes from ankle and hip flexibility and power. The Hankle is the only tool that works on both. You need to use the Hankle daily. Comes with a protractor. You’ll see and experience measurable improvement right away and throughout your career.

Both the Hankle and Fankle come with a protractor to measure your progress.

Internal rotation of the hip joint, critical to balance and power of the whip kick.

Sitting down isolates the ankles helping you work on the power of inversion, eversion and inward and outward rotation that will help you catch and hold water in your whip kick.

Abduction or the hip joint an external rotation of the ankle -- critical to an early catch of the water in whip kick. Notice the adjustable band and the center fulcrum.

What else will help me?

For free, fly, and back kick, use the Fankle. The Fankle improves both the flexibility and power of the ankle joint in dorsi flexion and plantar extension of he ankle joint. Phelp’s ankle flexibility is legend You can gain degrees of flexibility with the Fankle. Even if all you swim is breaststeoke having the ability to point your toe reduces drag when ou pull and glide and increases power of your dolphin kick in stats and turns.

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