​​​​DMC Fins

Introducing DMC Fins™

Comfort and speed in one fin.

E-Mail: Steve@tropicalpenguin.com

Why are DMC Fins™ important?

DMC Fins simply fit better and are designed not to interfere with the rhythm of your stroke. Just the right size and shape and that’s no accident. Years of research and development have made these fins the favorite of US Olympic Coach, Gregg Troy who has his whole team at Florida Gators using DMC Fins.

Why should all swimmers in a group have the same brand?

I learned this from Gregg Troy and other great coaches -- have them race in training if you want them to win in meets! If everyone has different fins it’s not clear who is improving and winning in practice. DMC fins are soft enough to be used for long and fast sets. They don’t mess up the rhythm of full stroke with fins. And they are engineered to be fast, improving both sides of the kick. Get them all on the same page - the winning page for under-waters and full stroke with a kick that will finish off their competitors. Call me if you want a loan of every size to make sure you’ve got them all fit to win. Coach Steve 800.999.0824.

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