HD rolling video in a Coach’s bag

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Buy all 3 camera holders -- EyeSwim for swimmers, Bottoms up for the NBC view and EyeSwim for side rolling view. And now you can get the EyeCart -- the coach’s best way to video swimmers.

1080p HD Video

This is just a frame from a movie taken with the EyeCoach. HD is simply amazing. You can use any waterproof camera from the $79 Kodak to the $350 Go Pro. Call us for suggestions.

The cool thing is you can see between the bubbles and it fits in your coach bag so you can take it on the plane, to meets, store it easily, etc. And the battery lasts and the storage is on digital cards that can be viewed on big screens, e-mailed, shared by phone and pad, etc.

Works with all waterproof cameras including Kodak’s Playsport, and cameras from Sony, Olympus, Canon, Go Pro, Panasonic, etc.


Never be without video again. View strokes from the side or front (get the bottoms up for the underneath view). Take advantage of dozens of underwater cameras with HD clarity and the ability to transfer video by card or electronically. Even e-mail and voice over. You choose the camera, we provide the rolling tripod and twenty years of coaching and video expertise (Tropical Penguin has produced over twenty DVD and CD’s for technical coaches and swimmers). We became experts in video so we could help you do the same, quickly easily and conveniently.

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