​​​​Tempo Trainer

It is so easy to swim the right tempo. 

Just set the tempo you want, and go. Beep, beep, beep, — you’ve got it!

Now you can concentrate on stroke or counting strokes or time and checking splits, or racing.

Just because your stroke tempo is right on doesn’t mean you’ve got all the water and aren’t taking thirty strokes per lap. But not having to think about one's tempo is cool.

This tool is great in freestyle and backstroke, but the real cadence needy stroke are fly and breast. Very programmable and the pro version was updated so you can replace the battery. The old ones didn’t do that.

Clips to your goggle strap and uses bone conduction so you can still hear the coach screaming. Sorry – no device is perfect. No matter what sort of swimmer you are this is a cool tool and you just have to get one.

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