​​​​Swim Strong Circuit

Isokinetics and body weight circuit for swimmers

Base unit with Accommodating Resistance $699.

Dozens of exercises that specifically target swim strength, flexibility, rhythm, and endurance for all four strokes, starts, and turns. Takes up just a couple square feet at home or on the pool deck.

​Introducing the Swim Strong Isokinetic Circuit™

You’ll wonder how you ever expected to swim fast without it! The SwimStrong uses an isokinetic unit to provide accommodating resistance for early vertical forearm kick strengthening and flexibility. Perform full-speed dolphin and flutter kicking, the right way. Develop power through the full range of motion with isos that adapt to your effort each centimeter of motion. For all ages (younger ages under adult supervision, of course). Dozens of exercises, in a one-meter foot footprint. Maybe the smartest swim training device ever (of course we love and helped re-design the SwimFast rotating swim bench too!).

SwimStrong with lots of images

How Important is Our latest invention?

  • It’s like USRPT on Land!
  • Early Vertical Forearm strength and habit building with isokinetics that adapt to your own resistance each centimeter of full-range of swim motion.
  • Full speed hip extensions to actually be strong enough to keep your knee straight on the recovery phase of dolphin and flutter.
  • Build both sides of your kick with a built-in Kicker™ and free metronome apps on your phone.
  • High Elbow pull downs, bicep curls, pull-ups, dips, push-ups at three different angles.
  • Reverse iso shoulder rotations for shoulder stability to prevent injury and increase stroke power. Far safer and more effective than tubing and bands.
  • Dozens more exercises. It’s a perfect addition to your SwimFast Swim bench too.

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