The Nadadoor turns any doorway in your house, garage or dorm into a perfect swim training circuit. Use the Nadadoor to

1.Build strong legs -- kicking on both sides of the kick
2.NEW Shoulder rotators essential for Early Vertical Forearm.
3. Protect your shoulder and hip joints by balancing strength
4.Whip Kick in your doorway!

The Nadadoor screws into your doorway in 2 screws per segment.

Dozens of exercises between practices to give you the edge in flexibility, power, muscular endurance, joint balance, and stroke improvement. Each exercise is SPECIFIC to your sport movement.

Ever heard that you need to keep your elbows up like Ledecky? If you don’t have the strength in you shoulder rotator muscles you simply CAN’T do swim with an Early Vertical Forearm until you do! Very few swimmers swim correctly. This is good news! Once you get strong enough using your Nadadoor, you will find a huge competitive advantage.

Every seen your flutter and dolphin kick from the side underwater and wondered why you are bending you knees on the recovery phase of the kick? You simply CAN’T keep your knees straight unless your hip extensor muscles are strong enough. Kicking on your back on the ground works the other side of this but only with the Kicker or the Nadadoor Kicker can you practice the way you need to swim.

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Become water safe as quickly as possible and l

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