​​​​Mirrors for Stroke

Stroke Mirrors

Simple inexpensive tools that help you improve your alignment and stroke. Instant feedback means instant understanding of the coach’s instructions and commitment to positive change.

Why are mirrors important?

Underwater streamlines don’t become a useful weapon on the day of the meet. In order for swimmers to improve, you have to give them a measure of success. One of the best ways to get swimmers to know they are in hydrodynamic alignment is for them to see themselves while they are moving or gliding. Our mirrors give instantaneous and dynamic feedback.

We’ve added meter lines so swimmers making movement from hands to toes can tell if what they are doing in strokes, kick, sculls or drills is making them move forward. Lined Mirrors also give us a great sense of effectiveness when using EyeSwim and EyeCarts in video. We can also tether swimmers if you’re building your whole lane of acrylic or aluminum mirrors. Also useful held above backstrokers in the first lane or out of the pool with our swim benches or tubing or just to learn the right body positions, streamlines and strokes or to learn and maintain correct movements in dryland exercises. Use a dry erase market to draw butterfly and have swimmers follow the pattern, for example.

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