​​​​Minigym Isokinetics

Wall Mount Swim Iso

Use any bench or one of our rotating ones or just bend over on this accommodating specific swim resistance exerciser. Just $883


Train Fast to be Fast


Train Fast to be Fast

Isokinetics adapt to your pressure. There is almost no eccentric contraction -- that snap back from tubing and weight stacks that causes injury and prevents full speed exercise and endurance training.

There is also no need to switch weights between exercisers since the resistance adapts to your own force. So, for example, you can swim full speed, or do full speed squats or whip kick only on our exercisers. You can work any and every range of motion to full fatigue with the exercise adapting as if you changed resistance between sets. This prepares you as it has prepared four generations of swimmers, basketball payers, astronauts in space, etc. for peak performance in a way nothing else, not even swimming alone can do.

Iso Minigym 101

No LCD readouts with 6 speed settings. includes one stirrup handle (one hand), one 12” handle (two hands), one wall bracket. $339

Iso Minigym 190

LCD readouts with 6 variable speed settings. Includes one stirrup handle (one hand), one 12” handle (two hands), one wall bracket, and instructional manual. $484

Iso Super II

New Super 2, ideal for both floor and wall exercises. Designed with a variable speed governor as all our exercisers.
$692 +40

Wall Mount Swim Iso

Use any bench or one of our rotating ones or just bend over on this accommodating swim resistance exerciser. Just $789+40

Wide Bar for Breast

And Fly and whip kick. These strokes are out to in and you can’t do it all on a narrow bar. This is the only bench to give you this option. $170

Swim Bench 101

We love our rotation, but if you don’t need it this is a great price $1290 You can add rotation and wide bar later.

Rotation for Swim Bench

Rotates 40 degrees $250

Swim Bench 190

Uses the Mnigyms with feedback -- LCD readouts $1790

Little Leaper Pkg.

Super 2 for floor and wall exercises. Includes 10 inch handle (2 hands), stirrup, wall bracket,18” bar, Velcro strap, and Leaper Pads $885+65

Ankle strap

For hip and ankle exercises or leg curls or extensions. $30+12

Extra mount

For Minigym 101 and 190 $22


Rotation, wide bar, high back bar all for 2199.

Basketball and Water Polo


Short Bar

Versatile bar for working brachioradialis or sports or other specific activities. $30+12

Fly Straps

Two hand straps and handles. $30+12

Medium Bar

Very versatile. $30+15

Pull down bar

Nice wide grip for power building with accommodating resistance. $30+12


Allows two hand pull from a single 190, 101, or Super II. Allows different angle of pull. $30+12

Wide platform

Makes a squat machine of your 101 or 190. $45+20


For poor man’s leaper, allows you to cut the speed of the leap from a 101, 190, 0r Super II. $20+12

Swim bench paddles

Specialized for our benches. $40+15 shipping

Wrist Strap

Use on ankles or wrists with our fast accommodating power builders. $30+7

Arm Straps

Get stronger than your hands allow you with arm straps. 35+7

Padded Bar

For Squats $40+10

Extra Wall Mounts

Make full use of your Super II by mounting extra mounts and sliding them on and off in seconds - high, low, etc. $35+20

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Home/Team Leaper

Explosive Isokinetics Athletic Training is now in its fourth decade. Used by every NCAA and Pro team the Leaper now comes to the home or small team. $2750

Pro Leaper

Increase vertical jumping an average of ten inches! Increase speed and quickness in all sports. Great for injury prevention and rehab too. $4490

Achiever Therapy

We are constantly building new tools to improve the atmosphere and effectiveness of training. Call or e-mail any time to discuss your goals and vision.

Isokinetic Leg extension

Accommodating resistance allows you to exercise fast to be fast and build power and endurance without soreness or injury.

Free standing Achiever

Need mobility or don’t have a wall to bold onto? No problem with this portable Achiever mount. Just add weight or sandbags for stability and you can test and train anywhere.

Whip Fly Bench ext.

Fly, Breast Pull and whip kick moves from wide to narrow. This wide bar ensures specific strength exactly as you will need it.

High Bar addon for swim bench

Have no wall for a bracket? Add a high bracket to your portable swim bench.

Rotating bench w Halo

Forces high elbow pull with freestyle, Breast, and Fly.

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