​​​​MiniBoards Kickboards


Build line and balance while building leg power and endurance

Use with or without a snorkel and snorkel mirror. One hand; two forward. two back. One forward; one back. Head up; head down. Even use as paddles to force early vertical forearm. Be creative while developing better line, balance, power and rhythm.


One of the most important reasons we designed these double kickboards is to allow more specific adaptations to be taught and trained. Great backstrokers and freestylers rotate close to 45 degrees. Come back soon and see this movie replaced with swimmers showing how to do that in way almost impossible with a single wide board. You can see the value of using a snorkle here too (shown is the new Finis Glide center mounted snorkel with a snorkel mirror). The value of a snorkel mirror is to keep your head aligned ALL the time, including approaching the walls when swimmers are in front of you, and coming off of turns. You can also see this is one more value of using large or small or both sets of the Rangs.

Using the MiniBoard as a Paddle. Why do it? Because the swimmer will find he can’t go forward unless he presses his fingers first and keeps his elbow on top of the water. This will soon become a habit. So you’ve now invested in a tool that will teach you to rotate while you kick AND the same tool that will teach you to keep your forearm in a vertical position while you swim. And it takes up less space in your bag and replaces your kick board in all strokes. Great investment.

Other drills: Because your kick board now “splits” you can hold your head farther under for spine alignment in dolphin and back drills. You can also use the accessory band to hold your board farther up on your forearm. You can do scull drills. You can kick with both arms back. You can use only one board in streamline to provide a bigger challenge to your legs to “motor” you -- again in all four kicks.

You can also challenge yourself to kick underwater to 15 meters or some other goal (we suggest you use our “Rods and Tubes” to set those goals and progressively improve your performance week by week). The MiniBoards give you all sorts of options. Got a new one? Let us know on our Blog.

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