​​​​LifeProof case for iPad and EyeSwim

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Why is LifeProof™ important?

We love waterproof cameras. EyeSwim, EyeCoach, EyeCart and Bottoms Up were designed for those cameras. We were in love! But when we saw a LIfeproofed ipad in a swimmer’s hands we became fickle! We fell in love all over again. The ability to see your stroke in HD on a nine inch screen. To use apps, many of them free, to measure joint angles to see our stroke side by side with our stroke before or someone we’d like to emulate. Wow. I mean BRILLIANT! We even found an app named, aptly, PaceClock, for free that made the EyeSwim a free underwater pace clock! Swipe and see our workout. Click and e-mail my stroke to myself or coach, etc. As a coach I can talk and draw and an app records everything I say in a new movie.

Holy-moly! It’s beyond brilliant.

So we went and got a distributor’s license to sell Lifeproof and because we sell it for less we don’t advertise the prices here. Just prove you’re a coach or swimmer and you can buy it for less. But the best thing is we know how to support your waterproof iPad. We use it in coaching. We are also a software company (Cool Coach was our first product) so we know how to best use technology. With the EyeCart you can video from the top down. With EyeSwim swimmers video while the coach is busy with other swimmers or yelling at us to pick it up! It’s a brave new world and we were ready for it. We have brackets for your phone, iPad, or iPad mini. And since we use it every day and talk to other coaches around the world who use it every day we’re a perfect source. Call or e-mail any time.

She didn’t know she was doing this and neither did I! A few days before the NCAA Nationals, we looked at this stroke. She looked good from on top. We were actually just looking to see that she was getting her head down early enough. But look at her right hand during the recovery!

She got it right by the time she went to streamline, but for some odd reason she was closing her fingers during the recovery phase of the arm stroke.
Of course she saw it on the iPad and fixed it in time for her meet. The Lifeproof case used on an EyeSwim or EyeCart simply makes swimmers better and improves the interaction between coach and swimmer. Every great coach needs one. Every great swimmer uses one.

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