This Small Machine Strengthens Every Human Motion

The IsoSlide installs in a few minutes. 

It slides and locks up and down a one-inch square tube. You create the resistance. The iso adapts to every centimeter you move building strength through your entire movement range.

From rehab to world class, from 4 years old to 104, the Iso is safe, yet empowers you at the speed and resistance of real life. Nothing else comes close. You'll see!

New Door Mount- 1 Minute Install

Why People Love the Iso

Think about a whole gym. You drive there to share sweat and germs with people. If the equipment isn't being occupied when you want it, you might do bicep curls, bench press, squats, rowing, etc. 

Now image a one foot square box with a rope that attaches to a progressive brake, like the one in your car. In a second you move it up for pulldowns. Then slide it down for leg curls and a hundred other choices in between. All those gym exercises can be done from any height or angle at maximum resistance without changing anything but your own passion! The Iso instantly adapts to your body, your force, even your fatique. It's safe, fast, fun. And it's more effective than your gym! The Iso builds power at all joints and muscles from toes to fingers, from abs to back.

And isokinetics don't cause soreness. So you're happy, healthy, and ready to get stronger again tomorrow!

Better than bands

Rubber bands snap back and don't adjust to you as you move. So the first part of the motion is too easy and the last part causes you to cheat. The snap back results in potential injury and soreness.

Better than weights. 

Think about a biceps curl -- the only perfect part of the motion is the very middle. Before and after the middle of the curl gravity changes its influence. The top and bottom don't do a thing for your biceps. The Iso adjusts all the way through the range of motion every single rep. It's the perfect reistance for you all the way through.  

Better Speed

Real life requires power -- throwing, rowing, cycling, running, swimming, working require speed as well as strength. Iso's improve human balance and motion better than anything! This is perfect for rehab and for keeping that youthful feeling of a bounce in your step (and every other movement you make!).

Build Productive Habits

No setup. No drive. Hang it on your office or bedroom door and just grab a handle or leg strap. Away you go. You'll work out in the time it used to take you to set up and clean up! Ten full-speed reps is enough unless you are training for glory. If you are do more or move faster. Then change your movement. In a few minutes you can get maximum improvement of legs, abs, arms, and more either one-by-one or whole movements. Get up off your computer chair and do a couple minutes of Iso. You'll feel and look great!

Therapy and Pre-hab

You can move the handle through the full range with just two fingers. Or you can set world records. All without adjusting a thing but your passion. Work on both sides of your sholder and knee joints. Progress slowly to recover from injury and balance joints and sides to prevent injury in the first place. 

Effective Therapy and Training Tool

Add a velocity meter or force meter now or later from more scientific analysis.

Develop Focus & Mindset

Developed by biomechanists and theray experts, the IsoSlide "teaches" us to work our whole bodies. Yes, it's been used on the Sopace Station. Yes it's been used by hundreds of Olympians. But it's perfect for everyone who is dedicated to getting and staying muscularly healthy and fit. Look and feel great!

On the wall. On the Door.

Two screws or a strap and a pull. Ready to replace the gym? Ready to recover from injury? Ready to make sure the whole family is healthy and has a little fun? The IsoSlide. It's your best choice. 

Simple and easy.

Productivity Course for IsoSlide Users

Your IsoSlide will come with charts and online video of over 100 exercises this light cubic foot box will provide for everyone in your family. 

About the Steve Friederang

Steve is a biomechanist, a coach, an inventor, a dad, and a teacher. He's also CEO of the company. He and his family uses the IsoSlide daily and personally guarantees it will work as advertised. 

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