​​​​FAST Paddles

Train FAST to BE Fast!

Pro Special: $79 for one set and $199 for 3: Lg, med, sm

“We use the FAST Paddles in all three sizes on ALL our swimmers, not just the sprinters. We find is helps swimmers connect their entire kinetic chain with the water. Unlike flat paddles, when they take off the bent FAST Paddles they immediately catch earlier with higher elbows and rotate properly and at the right time.” Chuck Knoles. Head Men’s and Women’s coach, the University of Pittsburgh

Notice the swimmer powerfully moving over the hand and the forced high elbow. The whole body is in this stroke! When you take them off, you swim better immediately unlike swimming with hand paddles and traditional pull buoys. This truly builds core power. The addition of the lats and chest and obliques etc. help save your shoulders too.
If you are going to use buoys, use RANGS. You might even try using a combination of FAST Paddles and CoreSticks.

There are no better tools than FAST Paddles to teach specific core connection

In use all over the world. Ask Gregg Troy, US Olympic Coach. The whole team, even distance swimmers at the University Of Pittsburgh. Top stroke coaches like Ross Geary and Trina Radke. Hundreds more of the best coaches in the world use FAST Paddles, now in four progressive sizes. Why? Great swimmers pull their bodies over their anchored hands. Poor swimmers have high stroke counts because they thrash their hands past their bodies. Even the best swimmers can use FAST Paddles to connect the kinetic chain -- whee the arm holds and the core all the way to the feet are connected in the perfect rhythm to make the most of rotation and summation. You can see the swimmers who do this well and they can feel it when they’ve got it in back and free. FAST Paddles were inspired when watching swimmers like Bousquet, Cielo, and Morozov, etc. anchor quickly with no glide and pull their bodies past their arms. The goal we achieved with FAST Paddles was to design a progressive tool (like progressive weights in a way) that would force the mastery of type of stroke quickly and then help swimmers get stronger every time they used them. Cielo, Morozov, and Bousquet actually have differing arm recoveries, but each has the Quick Catch and core and lat-dominated stroke you instantly experience with our new patented bent paddles. FAST Paddles are best purchased in 3 packs (see the drop down order button at the top). We’ve also added a child and taper size. If you can muscle your arm through the water without using your core, use a larger paddle. For this reason FAST Paddles, used properly, are better for your shoulders than small paddles which allow your rotators to work alone. We recommend one lap at a time (which works out to ten to twelve “reps” but coach Chuck Knoles uses them at slower speeds for all his swimmers to teach summation and feel. For advanced swimmers we recommend larger sizes early in the season and smaller sizes as you approach taper to increase stroke rate. We like to start with two and then take one off and strive to hold the same amount of water with the bare arm. The only way to do that is to accelerate at the proper hand pitch and rhythm. We also have a new Taper or child size. Check out the videos and, better yet, get a set today. Watch with you EyeSwim under water as your stroke immediately improves and keep improving over time.

Benefits Of FAST Paddles

  • Builds power quickly by preventing slide and glide strokes. It’s all power baby. Catch and go!
  • Forces your arm into a high elbow catch immediately on entering the water.
  • Builds confidence – take them off and feel really fast!
  • Build core strength. Use your back, abs, and legs to help your arms get through the water.
  • See amazing results in as little as ten laps a day.
  • Aluminum construction allows for customized front bend.
  • Free DVD with creative uses of the FAST Paddle and land strengthening exercises (while supplies last).
  • FREE LIFETIME Strap Replacement and tech support.

FAST Now Comes in 3 Sizes

Our Large FAST paddles give you the absolute top challenge and a true feeling of invincibility. When it’s time to develop more tempo, go to our medium-sized FAST Paddles. At Taper, maintain your rhythm and sprint stroke with the smaller FAST paddles.
For those who need to learn the rhythm of sprinting or just to improve your power for other events, use our smallest model first and work your way up. Ask you local swim supplier -- they’re from Tropical Penguin and made in America.

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