​​​​Fankle Mini

Fankle Mini -- Foot and Ankle Stretcher and Strengthener

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Ankles plantar flexed and toes extended. Lean back and pull the back or your knee toward the ground to increase the stretch. Relax, breathe and take your time. Flexibility takes time just as stiffness did. Soon you’ll feel a huge difference in your kicking and strength as the ankle of attack presses more effectively on the water. Your rhythm, your under-waters, and your race finishes will improve dramatically.

Ankles dorsi flexed and toes engaged too. Full range of motion strengthening. The Mini has the same effect as it’s big brother Fankle which allows both feet to be stretched at a time.

The Number one reason people swim fast is ankle flexibility. Every serious swimmer needs to use the Fankle every day.

The Power comes from the core, but the speed comes from ankle flexibility and power. The Fankle is the only tool that works on both. You need to use the Fankle daily. Comes with a protractor. You’ll see and experience measurable improvement right away and throughout your career.

Now the Protractor is free! for easy measurement of your improvement!

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