Add-on strap for RANGS to precisely limit the width or depth of your whip kick

Why are CoreKicks important?

The biggest problem with bending the knees on the recovery of dolphin and flutter kick is form drag. You pull yourself backwards before pushing yourself forward. Even world class swimmers often do this, especially when fatigued. Anything we can do to limit that drag will help swimmers swim faster. One way to limit drag and train with the knee range of motion limited or eliminated so the hips and ankles are forced to get strong and enduring. Teaching this early and often and then training this core driven kick at all levels makes the correct kick a habit and build the often under used mucles in the lower back and abs as well as helps swimmers to know if they need to increase flexibility and strength in the ankle joint -- as with our Fankles.
CoreKicks™ are Patent pending by coach Steve Friederang Tropical Penguin, inc. and used as part of the RANGS system.

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